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Emma Elvaston

Emma took her first singing lessons in 2007 after discovering the famous Nightwish song « Nemo » and the amazing voice of Tarja Turunen. Since then, her passion for music and particularly symphonic metal has never stopped growing. She started being part of several cover bands and then joined in 2010 the Dark Whispers Choir of Whyzdom.

In October 2012, attracted by its melodies and energy, Emma joined Evolvent as a lead singer and released with the band, an EP and an album. Quickly captivated by live performance, Emma organized Evolvent’s first French tour in 2013 and a European tour in 2015 in order to promote the fresh released album “Whatever Happens”.

In December 2015, Emma founded with Clement Botz, ex-member of Evolvent, a new symphonic metal band, Beneath My Sins, wishing to set free to her creativity and to participate more to the composition work. Together with Clement Botz, composer and guitarist, they composed and wrote the lyrics of Beneath My Sins’s first album “Valkyries of Modern times” released in March 2017.

Always in search for new challenges, Emma decided to take singing lessons with the French teacher, David Féron, specialised in clear and “metal” singing, never experienced by Emma before. She will be able to show her new abilities on the upcoming album of Beneath My Sins, planned for 2020.

Clément Botz

Clement starts music very early, starting with a 10 years classic lessons in clarinet through his childhood. He obtains his diploma from the Conservatoire of Marseille in 2008 at the age of 16, as well as some experience in choirs, harmonic orchestra and chamber music.

At this time grows also his passion for metal; he decides quickly to learn the guitar, and then quickly wants to learn the basics of most such as the piano, the drums, the bass, as well as basic sound engineering and computer assisted music. He joins the band Evolvent in 2013 as a guitarist, and will participate and bring his own compositions to one EP (Human Instinct) and one album (Whatever Happens).

It's with Emma Elvaston, singer in Evolvent, that they decide to create Beneath My Sins, a new band with new goals and means. Valkyries of Modern Times is quickly released, the very first album where every song is based on his music creations. He'll then perform around Europe over several tours, always learning new skills and experience. But the work is only starting, and a lot of music creation has yet to come to light.

Leonardo Drago

Passionate about drums since the age of 4, Leonardo began taking drumming lessons at age 6. His previous influences were AC / DC, TOTO and more particularly Dream Theater. His attachment to Progressive Metal led him to take drumming lessons with Mike Mangini, drummer of the Dream Theater. His live experience began in 2011, when he found his first group of covers, SOTTOSOPRA, playing rock / funky music.

After 4 years, because he was missing playing metal, he joined SERENADE, an Italian gothic / metal band for which he recorded the album "Onirica". In 2016, he joined Crown Metal Agency, a booking association. Thanks to this collaboration, he has organized several shows in Europe and Italy, for metal bands.

After being in contact with Emma for live projects, Leonardo gradually became interested in Beneath My Sins. Seduced by the band's live projects, ambitions and music, Leonardo decided to audition to become his new permanent drummer. After a successful audition, Leonardo joined the group in September 2018. He will record the battery of the second album of Beneath my Sins, whose release is scheduled for 2020.