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Emma Elvaston

Emma took her first singing lessons in 2007 after discovering the famous Nightwish song « Nemo » and the amazing voice of Tarja Turunen. Since then, her passion for music and particularly symphonic metal has never stopped growing. She started being part of several cover bands and then joined in 2010 the Dark Whispers Choir of Whyzdom.
In October 2012, attracted by its melodies and energy, Emma joined Evolvent as a lead singer and released with the band, an EP and an album. Quickly captivated by live performance, Emma organized Evolvent’s first French tour in 2013 and a European tour in 2015 in order to promote the fresh released album “Whatever Happens”.
In December 2015, Emma founded with Clement Botz, ex-member of Evolvent, a new symphonic metal band, Beneath My Sins, wishing to free her creativity and to participate more in composition work. Together with Clement Botz, composer and guitarist, they composed and wrote the lyrics of Beneath My Sins’ first album “Valkyries of Modern times” released in March 2017.
Always in search of new challenges, Emma decided to take singing lessons with the French teacher, David Féron, specialised in clear and “metal” singing, never experienced by Emma before. 
Emma is now using her new skills to bring more dynamism to Beneath My Sins’ songs in its metal and acoustic releases.
Winds, Guitars & Keyboards

Clément Botz

Clement started music very early, starting with a 10 years classic course in clarinet through his childhood. He obtained his diploma from the Conservatoire of Marseille in 2008 at the age of 16, as well as some experience in choirs, harmonic orchestra and chamber music.
At this time also growed his passion for metal; he decided quickly to learn the guitar, and then to learn the basics of instruments such as the piano, the drums, the bass, as well as basic sound engineering and computer assisted music. He joined the band Evolvent in 2013 as a guitarist, and brought his own compositions to one EP (“Human Instinct”) and one album (“Whatever Happens”).
With Emma Elvaston, singer in Evolvent, they decided to create Beneath My Sins, a new band with new goals and means. Their debut album “Valkyries of Modern Times” is quickly released, the very first album where every song is based on his music creations. After several tours in Europe, a new album was composed and came to light : “I Decide”, which was released at the start of the global pandemic. During these lockdowns, he decided to take the time to learn new skills in mixing and mastering, as well as learning new instruments. It’s by taking lessons with Matteo Sisti (from Eluveitie) that he discovered a keen interest in folk music, and decided to adapt some songs of Beneath My Sins into an acoustic album, which will be released later this year.

Thomas Prêtre

Thomas started to play music at 7 with the piano. This instrument was much too classic for this young fanatic who switched to the saxophone two years later. From this point , he started to play in groups, such as harmony or big band, as well as starting to play in concerts with beautiful scenes such as “the little newspaper”, a big jazz scene in Paris.
At 15 Thomas discovered the strings, but 4 were quite enough for him, and started playing bass. He joined small rock bands, until he took a first step in metal with Blunderbuss. After a slack period, he joined Blind Hopes to dive into a much more brutal style. It was then that he met Emma and Clement performing in Evolvent at that time. In 2016, he left Blind Hopes to join Octopia in early 2017, in which he still plays.
Thomas having remained a close friend to Emma and Clément was called to perform temporarily in the band as a bass player,  but,  by mutual agreement, joined the band permanently following the FemMe Festival in September 2017.
He remained for 2 years and then left the band for personal reasons. However, he continued to support them as much as possible. 
Thomas returned in 2020 not only with his acoustic bass, but also with his ukulele bass and saxophone that he will use for the recordings of the first acoustic album of Beneath My Sins, “An acoustic Journey”.

Lilian Conynck

It was when entering high school after discovering the song "Wish I Had An Angel" by Nightwish that Lilian’s passion for metal music began.

He started learning the guitar alone at 19 and started playing in a band soon after. During 7 years he has been the guitarist of several amateur bands of different styles but also composer for a personal doom / melodic project. At the same time, he explored computer assisted music by himself.
In May 2020, after a long period without playing in a band, Lilian found an announcement of Beneath My Sins shortly after the release of their 2nd album “I Decide”, who were looking for a second guitarist. After consulting the band’s journey, he was won over by what they had already accomplished through the compositions, the visuals and the numerous concerts across Europe. After several weeks of auditions and exchanges, it was clear for both the band and Lilian that their ambitions were common. Lilian joined the band in June 2020.