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Started in 2015 by Clément Botz (guitar) and Emma Elvaston (vocals), Beneath My Sins offers a diverse musical universe, ranging from symphonic metal to folk music.
In March 2017, Beneath My Sins released its first opus "Valkyries of Modern Times", which allowed them to perform in Belgium with the local band Skeptical Minds and two European tours shared with the Russian thrash band Pokerface.
Quickly perceived as the emerging symphonic metal band on the French scene, Beneath My Sins had the opportunity to tour with the famous Canadian band Kobra And The Lotus during their stay in France in June 2018, as well as with Imperial Age in 2019.
For their second album, "I Decide" released on March 20, 2020, Beneath My Sins decided to work with Fabio D'Amore, bassist of Serenity for the production part. Thanks to this collaboration, many talented guests such as Matteo Sisti from Eluveitie, Melissa Bonny from Ad Infinitum, Michele Guaitoli from Temperance and Visions of Atlantis as well as Fabio Lethien Polo from Elvenking joined the ship.
Like all, Beneath My Sins was delayed in its run by the health crisis. Nevertheless, the band took advantage of this period to offer their fans new covers "made in Beneath My Sins", like a symphonic version of the song "The Eagle flies alone" by Arch Enemy.
2021 is the perfect opportunity for Beneath My Sins to work on a new project: "An Acoustic Journey".
Indeed, all the members of the band took advantage of the pandemic to improve their skills and learn to play new instruments. Clément took lessons in traditional instruments with Matteo Sisti from Eluveitie. This is how the idea of an acoustic epic was born. "An Acoustic Journey" consists of arranged tracks taken from the first two albums of Beneath my Sins but also contains three new compositions that the band intends to release on a next electric album already in preparation.
More than a third album, "An Acoustic Journey" is the first opus of a new challenge for Beneath My Sins.
They will meet you on December 10 for the release of the album and on stage alongside the Russian symphonic metal band Imperial Age, from January 7 to 16, 2022 on the roads of France, Spain and Portugal.