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Beneath My Sins is a French symphonic metal band created in December 2015 by the guitarist Clement Botz and the singer Emma Elvaston.

Former members of the band Evolvent, they have together taken their first steps in the metal scene and in the musical composition. In March 2017, Beneath my Sins released its first album "Valkyries of Modern Times", promoted during shows in Belgium with the band Skeptical Minds and during two European tours shared with the Russian thrash metal band, Pokerface . Quickly perceived as the emerging symphonic metal band of the French scene, Beneath my sins had the opportunity to tour with the famous Canadian band Kobra And the Lotus during their stay in France in June 2018 and Imperial Age in 2019. In September 2018, the band got in contact with Fabio D'Amore, bassist from Serenity. After a few meetings and discussions they all agreed that he would provides his services as a producer to the band. Thanks to this collaboration, the band was able to record under professional conditions and to work with famous names of the music business. Many talented guests such as Matteo Sisti from Eluveitie, Melissa Bonny from Ad Infinitum, Michele Guaitoli from Temperance and Visions of Atlantis and Fabio Lethien Polo from Elvenking also joined the ship for one or more songs. In November 2019, Beneath My Sins signed with the label Pride & Joy Music for their album whose release is scheduled for March 2020 ! In the process, the band signed with the booking agency Alpha Omega management, which will allow them to promote their new album on the best stages. The year 2020 will be a very promising year as the band has already planned a UK tour in April, in common with the mighty Serpentyne and Tezaura.


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